Sunday, July 20, 2014

We've been so busy.

We have not been crafting. I know, I know the horror! Life has been busy and we just haven't been able to.
The girls are getting ready to start a youtube account to do stop motion with their dolls. We've gone from 2 dolls to 13 since last Christmas. We were lucky enough to buy a lot from a local woman and selling a few of the dolls and most of the clothes allowed us to keep a majority of the dolls for the girls. I am still sewing for them and getting ready to open my Etsy shop. Mama needs more money to make more clothes :)
Here are L's two favorite creations of mine. These were done pre-sewing machine, so not my finest work but I love they are her favorites.

Kaya is a new addition to our family. I bought her used to sell and well, L fell in love with her so with us she stays. I bet lots of AG Moms can relate!