Friday, June 12, 2015

Skrafty Minecraft American Girl school

My daughter decided to try this. She is in love. So far she has learned so much about Kaya. As you know historicals are her favorites and minecraft is her favorite game how could we go wrong? If your daughter loves both its a cheap, easy way to get them to read and learn while playing on the computer. At the end of the four weeks of Kaya I will come on and talk about what she did over the four weeks. So far I am going to give the program a 4 stars, it would be 5 but it is hard to get in contact with anyone who runs it. Well worth the money though!

This week we are finally going to finish the bed we started months ago (schools finally out!) and I think we might try our hands at trying to make some Fourth of July outfits for the dolls.

We are now up to 23 dolls so we need some updated pictures!

And we have some new accessories to show off as well.

Hope summer is going awesome for you!