Thursday, November 21, 2013

This is what I have been doing.

Sorting through fabric.
And more fabric.
And more. This isnt even all of it. We still have four garbage bags full of fabric to sort through. I wish my Mom lived closer so I could share the wealth lol. I will never be able to use even one of these buckets completely. So many pretty silks (how do you sew on silk anyway?)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday clearance rack deals

Our friend A bought these pumpkins on super clearance for the doll house. Clearance racks after the holidays seem to be a treasure trove of things for the doll house. Between what I bought and what A bought the girls house will be fully decorated for Halloween! Knowing the girls want to do stop motion videos with their dolls makes me want to have everything covered even more.Imagine these delightful pumpkins in a video.

Thank you A!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Today I attempted shoes

So, not the best or the worst doll shoes I have ever seen. I didn't follow any specific pattern, I think I will print this one out for next time. This shoe has  two layers of craft foam ( not bad but again not great, I think next time I might try cork.) The strap and  edge are made of a ribbon I found at Michael's that was .99 and I still have a ton left. I might use it on another pair later, if I attempt to tackle shoes again.

G tried to make the duct tape "Toms" and well, as you see there are no pictures. He got one done and was over it. I think from now on he is going to stick to furniture and lighting.

This week I am going to sketch out plans for the fireplace using the red shelf we found at goodwill. Another friend of ours (Another A!) has a bag of fabric remnants for our couch building. I can't wait to get that underway as well.

Thanks for following us on this journey!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This week the big part of Christmas was accomplished.

The girls were bought (and shipped!) I am still in sticker shock over the price of these dolls. 130 for a doll just seems to me a little insane. But they will be loved and so while I try not to faint at the price, I try and think of their reactions Christmas morning.

L wanted Saige. Her dream was Saige and she said she hoped Santa got her before she sold out.
Saige is an artist and a horse lover. The girls fought over who would get a Saige but it had to be fair since L asked first!

E was less than helpful at first. She would talk about dolls all day long until her Daddy came home. Then all of a sudden she did not want a doll anymore and didn't know what she wanted for Christmas. It came out that she did indeed want a doll but wanted some other kind (that would not be able to share clothes etc.) And it was important to her that her doll look exactly like her. So she picked F1215
I did order a few little books for her because hers did not come with one. They were on the clearance for 2.00. She wanted the Chrissy doll who fights bullies but they discontinued her. 

So now we get started on building, and sewing and creating! If you are interested in following our pintrest for all things AG please click here:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Goodwill and Michaels

We need to stop shopping and start planning, sewing and building but this morning we went out to see what they had at Michaels. We bought a few things ( I picked, G watched)
Instead of doing them one by one I thought one big picture would be easier.
1. Balled flowers, I am going to use these in a vase and they were only .29! 2. Ribbon I am going to use for finishing off some doll shoes. 3 & 4 Glasses. Are they not adorable? 6. More trim 7. Mini Christmas things with mini clothes pins. We will be using these on the mantle to hold up the stockings on the garland. 8&9 More trim 5,10,11 Mini picture frames. Totally ornate too. Loved them and for a dollar I had to get them..

And my favorite find of the day. I cannot take credit for this as G found it but once it is painted and the handles are all even it will be so cute. And for 3.99 a total steal.
Thrift stores are a treasure trove of items for your doll house if you are willing to go and look, and put some work into them.

I'd like to thank my friend Shorty for taking the time to make our killer banner and photoshop things for me. I am sure she cringes at my picture taking skills. <3 Stop by her photography page!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dollar Store and Target finds

I originally planned to not buy anything today, since we need to get started on furniture and clothing. Then I went to Target and the Dollar Store to get some party supplies and saw these adorable items.

I found the hat in the Target Halloween section for a dollar and just had to get it. The boots my daughter picked up at Wal-mart and we thought the boots were lighter until we got them together. Problem solved, we will make a dress that matches both and add a ribbon to the hat that matches the boots.

Found this mini jelly at the Dollar Store. (one dollar of course) I might get one or two more before Christmas. They had none of the soda lip glosses everyone talks about.

This to me was a two for one score. Not only can I use the bottles in the bathroom as shampoo/conditioner or whatever but the bags once they are mod podged will be too cute as purses. 1.00

I found these in the Target dollar bin for .50 I was hoping to find more things to use as decorations in the doll house but there really wasnt much. Our friend A found pumpkins (pictures to come and a big THANK YOU for looking out for us)

Another Target dollar rack item on sale for .50 It is originally a kitchen timer. For .50 I could not pass it up.

I am just going to apologize now for my picture taking skills, I really doubt they will get better as I go. haha

This week I want to try and make the duct tape shoes. Progress pictures to come.