Tuesday, January 13, 2015

And so we built a tardis

It all started with an idea. Why not make our Dr Who obsessed girl some custom American Girl dolls and a doll tardis for Christmas? It snowballed from there and now we have our very own Dr Who, his companion Amy Pond and a tardis living in our living room., 

First let me say that while we thought this project would come out cheap, it came out far from it. In fact the tardis alone came in 100 more than we wanted BUT in our defense.. it is so awesome and was worth every cent.
We started with this:
Of course it had to be scaled down to be semi doll size.

The build took five weeks and was built by my husband and his boss. Both love workworking and both say this was the hardest build they have ever done.
It didnt look like a tardis for awhile and that freaked me out.
Pretty soon you could see things coming together.
About this time we were getting closer and closer to Christmas and I was freaking out.
Then I saw this and it started to look like a tardis. Between this picture and completion was a week. Then I saw this:
And all that time came together. The tardis was almost perfect. We still need to order prints for the inside.

The Doctor and Amy Pond will forever be riding in this tardis. And now we have the motivation to make custom dolls of all the Doctors.

Tardis Supplies.
1 - 4x8 sheet of plywood
4 - 8ft 2x2
1 - 8ft 1x10
4 - 1/2" hinges
8 - 12ft lattice trim wood 
4 pkgs 3/8" x 1/8" basswood
1 custom made door handle
1 quart of Sapphire Lace paint 
4 sheets 10" x 14" x1/8" Plexiglas 
4 pieces of approximately 2 1/2" x 18" white translucent Plexiglas

Decals were ordered from: http://stickershock23.com/
Arduino  for sound

I will do a blog post later about the clothing and dolls. I have to say I love the tardis. I think they did an amazing job and it is built to last. If you have any questions just ask!

Monday, January 5, 2015

My next project.

I was at Goodwill the other day and found this bed from Ikea. I paid way too much for it (12.00) but we have no Ikea close and so I bought it. ( Normally I do not spend that on things for the doll house!) I plan on trying to get measurements off of it to make more since we are getting tools soon.

It needs a mattress, bedding and a paint job. I plan on using scrap fabric and leftover paint. I don't want to put anymore than the 12 I have into it already.

I will also have an update soon on the tardis which will have SOUND soon. So excited.