Monday, November 4, 2013

Goodwill and Michaels

We need to stop shopping and start planning, sewing and building but this morning we went out to see what they had at Michaels. We bought a few things ( I picked, G watched)
Instead of doing them one by one I thought one big picture would be easier.
1. Balled flowers, I am going to use these in a vase and they were only .29! 2. Ribbon I am going to use for finishing off some doll shoes. 3 & 4 Glasses. Are they not adorable? 6. More trim 7. Mini Christmas things with mini clothes pins. We will be using these on the mantle to hold up the stockings on the garland. 8&9 More trim 5,10,11 Mini picture frames. Totally ornate too. Loved them and for a dollar I had to get them..

And my favorite find of the day. I cannot take credit for this as G found it but once it is painted and the handles are all even it will be so cute. And for 3.99 a total steal.
Thrift stores are a treasure trove of items for your doll house if you are willing to go and look, and put some work into them.

I'd like to thank my friend Shorty for taking the time to make our killer banner and photoshop things for me. I am sure she cringes at my picture taking skills. <3 Stop by her photography page!

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  1. Go back to Michaels! They have a black 4x6 frame on a pedestal for $2 that makes the perfect flat screen TV for an AG living room. We printed out several images from various TV shows and movies. My seven year old switches them out to "change the channel." Super fun!