Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This week the big part of Christmas was accomplished.

The girls were bought (and shipped!) I am still in sticker shock over the price of these dolls. 130 for a doll just seems to me a little insane. But they will be loved and so while I try not to faint at the price, I try and think of their reactions Christmas morning.

L wanted Saige. Her dream was Saige and she said she hoped Santa got her before she sold out.
Saige is an artist and a horse lover. The girls fought over who would get a Saige but it had to be fair since L asked first!

E was less than helpful at first. She would talk about dolls all day long until her Daddy came home. Then all of a sudden she did not want a doll anymore and didn't know what she wanted for Christmas. It came out that she did indeed want a doll but wanted some other kind (that would not be able to share clothes etc.) And it was important to her that her doll look exactly like her. So she picked F1215
I did order a few little books for her because hers did not come with one. They were on the clearance for 2.00. She wanted the Chrissy doll who fights bullies but they discontinued her. 

So now we get started on building, and sewing and creating! If you are interested in following our pintrest for all things AG please click here:

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