Friday, November 1, 2013

Dollar Store and Target finds

I originally planned to not buy anything today, since we need to get started on furniture and clothing. Then I went to Target and the Dollar Store to get some party supplies and saw these adorable items.

I found the hat in the Target Halloween section for a dollar and just had to get it. The boots my daughter picked up at Wal-mart and we thought the boots were lighter until we got them together. Problem solved, we will make a dress that matches both and add a ribbon to the hat that matches the boots.

Found this mini jelly at the Dollar Store. (one dollar of course) I might get one or two more before Christmas. They had none of the soda lip glosses everyone talks about.

This to me was a two for one score. Not only can I use the bottles in the bathroom as shampoo/conditioner or whatever but the bags once they are mod podged will be too cute as purses. 1.00

I found these in the Target dollar bin for .50 I was hoping to find more things to use as decorations in the doll house but there really wasnt much. Our friend A found pumpkins (pictures to come and a big THANK YOU for looking out for us)

Another Target dollar rack item on sale for .50 It is originally a kitchen timer. For .50 I could not pass it up.

I am just going to apologize now for my picture taking skills, I really doubt they will get better as I go. haha

This week I want to try and make the duct tape shoes. Progress pictures to come.

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