Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Exciting finds today!

Today we went thrift shopping and idea hunting. We've learned along the way that new doesnt always mean best and that sometimes you can find cool stuff for a fraction of the cost of new. Today we bought a little of both old and new.

Let's start with the new.
The shoes are from Wal-Mart. I had read about them, so I thought I would pick some up. I think I will get some more before Christmas. The rainboots were adorable and for 2.00 a pair, it was a steal. No, they are not "real" American Girl but they will be loved. I found the cameras at Toys R Us. 99 cents and they make the shutter sound AND flash. Adorable. I plan on making little camera straps for them. The duct tape was on sale (1.99) and we plan on using it to learn how to make the duct tape version of Toms. The rest of it was all .29 at Michaels. The orange little boxes we will use as doll storage.. maybe shelving? The possibilities are endless!
Close up of the camera. I just know my girls will love this!

Now for the used stuff. Who knew I could be so wordy about doll things!
These will be our bathroom sinks. ( as a reminder you can click to enlarge any of these)
..69 for the pair
Mixing bowls. 4 for .99 I am debating on listing two of these on ebay for someone else to enjoy.

Mini picture. This is going to probably go in the bathroom. I couldnt resist and for .49 it was worth it!

Mini  baskets. These can be used as trash cans but we plan on putting plants in them for the outside area of the doll house. 4 for .99

Mini tupperware. Important since we are going to be making food as well! 5 for .99

I adored this so I went above my under .99 rule. This was 1.29 but it just screamed at me ;)

G saw these and wanted to get them for the outside area 3 for .99 and they will look so cute with plants in them.

And my favorite piece. This was one of those things where we walked away from it, tried to talk them down a little bit and just stood there thinking ug.. do we do it? In the end I knew we would regret it if we didnt and because I had the doll in my bag we were able to measure her and it will look so fancy in the house! People make less for hundreds of dollars on ebay and etsy. It was 19.99, and needs to be cleaned up. G is going to make it so the hutch part lights up. So far my favorite purchase for the house. I can't wait to see it in.
Totally awesome right?

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