Sunday, November 10, 2013

Today I attempted shoes

So, not the best or the worst doll shoes I have ever seen. I didn't follow any specific pattern, I think I will print this one out for next time. This shoe has  two layers of craft foam ( not bad but again not great, I think next time I might try cork.) The strap and  edge are made of a ribbon I found at Michael's that was .99 and I still have a ton left. I might use it on another pair later, if I attempt to tackle shoes again.

G tried to make the duct tape "Toms" and well, as you see there are no pictures. He got one done and was over it. I think from now on he is going to stick to furniture and lighting.

This week I am going to sketch out plans for the fireplace using the red shelf we found at goodwill. Another friend of ours (Another A!) has a bag of fabric remnants for our couch building. I can't wait to get that underway as well.

Thanks for following us on this journey!

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  1. Adorable! We did shoes a few months ago and they weren't very cute. I think I need to focus more time on them. Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. Future doll related giveaways are in the works!