Saturday, January 11, 2014

It is not even finished yet and I am in love!

I am going to miss Hot Mess doll when I send her to Grandma's house for sewing.

Today was the day I decided to sew. I started off easy and made a little skirt, then moved to socks (on her)  and ended with some shorts. As I sent my girls off to bed I knew I wanted to attempt something with the shirt my daughter had picked out from the thrift store (.99) size 12 and asked me to make something/anything for the doll. This was I came up with and there is so much more fabric.

The really awesome part is the top is made from the SLEEVE. I still need to add a clip to the bow and sew up the hem but I honestly couldn't hold back and had to blog asap. I knew it was a hit when she came out of bed (again) and said " OMG ITS AWESOME"

1 comment:

  1. Try taking a Magic Eraser to her face if you don't want her to be quite such a Hot Mess ;)