Thursday, January 9, 2014

Updated house pictures!

This is Emmy (JLY) sitting in their living room. We made the couch out of foam and the chest was a .99 Goodwill find.
Other side of the living room. Obviously, we need to paint the dresser that we "think" will become the entertainment center. We are not sure yet. Dog basket and kitty house 1.00 at a thrift store here in town and the dog L calls Meatball was .49 at Goodwill.
Emmy's side of the room until we get the walls put up. Bedding is being made by Grandma and where the shoes are is usually the trundle, but I have that out to cover it. Bed-10.00
Bella's (another JLY) side of the room. In this picture you can see the trundle.
kitchen/dinning room/laundry room. So far my favorite part of the house and I am SO glad we did buy that medicine cabinet. 
Dining room full shot both dolls.
Full bedroom
Full bottom. I was sad to see whomever had the house before us got paint on the hardwood. Another thing "to do" I think next week I will hit up the craft store for "wallpaper" ;)

Thanks for looking and remember, all you have to do is click the picture to see it larger!


  1. Oh! A medicine cabinet! Never thought of that. Where did you get it?
    Scrapbook paper makes great "wallpaper" for the house BTW. We've even put it on the floor (wood grain). Also, Target has little area rugs in their dollar section right now (3 dollars but whatever). They have a little cupcake.

    1. We found the medicine cabinet at a thrift store! It was one of our best finds since its pottery barn :)