Sunday, February 8, 2015

An update to fixing your dolls hair.

In October I did a post where we rehabed Elizabeth's hair. Her hair was a hot mess! It was dry and in the parts that were not dry it was frizzy. You can see the before pictures here.

Recently, I was emailed and asked how her hair was holding up all these months later, so this morning I got her out and took some pictures. (I did brush prior)

She has the ponytail bump because her hair had been in a ponytail. But look! Still shiny and still pretty. Honestly the steps were so easy.

Wash with baby shampoo
low hot iron on wet hair
a tiny bit of conditioning spray.

 Elizabeth was a doll that we bought in a lot. She ended up being free after all the things I sold and she has had a haircut. Someday if we ever sell her she will get a new head first. I have had a few emails asking to see all our dolls, and how we got them so dang cheap! So, that will eventually be a blog post.

She is wearing Caroline's birthday dress which was a gift from the Ag Playthings Christmas swap.

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