Friday, February 20, 2015

Random things and my favorite part of the doll house.

We will pretend this is a good picture.

When we knew we would build a doll house (by converting their closet,for the record it was a terrible idea) We searched high and low for thrift store finds to make it a home.

My favorite find was this Pottery Barn medicine cabinet. It makes for a perfect hutch. The table and chairs were a throw together at the last minute thing.

But notice that the medicine cabinet really looks like a hutch. The girls love it and it is so well made. It is still my favorite thing about the house.

I have done no sewing and no creating lately. We've been so busy. I have that poor bed from this post still waiting for me to do. In my defense we are busy planning the new doll house! This should be interesting!

I was able to get a Caroline and a Rebecca yesterday. SCORE. We are one doll away from having all the historical dolls. I personally didnt have any of the troubles others did. I just added to my cart and waited when it told me to wait.

I think starting next week we are going to introduce the dolls. Right now they are all living in my dining room hutch and  hopefully we will get their rack made and them put up.

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