Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oh, I did it.

Most AG Moms know the obsession is a little bit our girls obsession and a lot our obsession.

For me last year right before Ivy retired I asked my girls if they wanted her. No-one did... except me.
And well, buying a doll for me seemed a little silly. Ok, a lot silly. But I was so sad when she was gone. I wanted an Ivy. We have a Julie and oh, she needed that Ivy! Come on the 70s were MY time. 

So here we are all this time later and I have scoured for a cheap Ivy. I didnt really care if the girls wanted Ivy, *I* wanted Ivy. I didnt even care if it was the Ivy look alike. I wanted her. 

I'd missed out on a few Ivy's on criagslist and lets be honest, I am far too cheap to pay over 150 for her. I already had her meet so I didnt even care if she was naked.

And then my husband sends me a craigslist ad for Ivy. I scream at him to email about her. Cue heartbreak to learn we are second in line. First person passes.. SHE IS MINE!

Wearing Samantha's BeForever meet which my girls were more excited about.

Isnt she pretty?

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