Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How I made Amy Pond

Amy Pond started off completely different. I had a picture of her and I tried to make the outfit as close as possible to it. This was the original picture I was going off of.

And our original Amy Pond. A dear friend's daughter is also super into AG so she bought this outfit for her. It gave me a challenge. Two weeks before Christmas I needed to dress Amy.
This was during my process. I found her action figure and wanted to make it look like that. Ignore the shoes in this picture her cowboy boots had not yet arrived and I needed to see how she looked. I never did get her belt painted brown but my daughter does not seem to mind at all.

Amy Pond was originally Saige. We picked Saige because of her red hair and what we thought Amy Pond would have looked like at 9! 
Her jacket, tshirt,skirt, belt and boots were bought from a wholesale distributor. The skirt is denim, the jacket is a faux leather. We also had a friend knit her scarf because, well, scarfs are cool. (just like bow ties!)

While I loved the first outfit, I have to say this second outfit came out better than I expected for the time frame I was working in and the look I needed. My next outfit for her will be the police uniform.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love your Amy! I now have a mini skirt and boot collection for my Amy...working on adding more flannel shirts to the mix.

    1. I need to get her a flannel. I have yet to see one I really liked :)