Monday, December 2, 2013

And sew it begins...

With the girls home for Thanksgiving break, not much was done over the holidays. And then it began. Nani started sewing. This is the first dress, made from a free online pattern, she said she hated the pattern and plans on going to buy one because it was a pain.Most  if not all fabric is scraps, we are doing this frugal as possible!

My goal this week is to get a dress or two made and try to make some bedding. 

Sadly, Kmart sold out of the Christmas pajama/matching doll pajama sets that the girls were hoping for Christmas. Hopefully something similar will work.

Nani is getting the wheelchair and barber chair. I need to find a mini tea set but its proving rather difficult to find one in the size we want. If you know where to find some please email me or leave a comment.

Now, I need a fairy to bring two of the My generation Vespas.. cause those are rad. hahaha


  1. Target has an Our Generation tea set--you can order it online. If you have their red card you get 5% off and free shipping. They also have a picnic set and a hiking set (only in the stores). Maybe they'll go on sale for Easter? I don't remember if too many toys go on sale at that time of year.