Saturday, December 21, 2013

We've been busy!

I read somewhere (I wish I had the link) that you can alter baby clothes to fit your AG doll, so I set out to goodwill and bought a few things to give it a try.
Dress one turned into:
For .99 we have a cute little dress or nightgown.. whatever. 
Ignore our poor model, she has been used and abused for measuring,modeling and I think she was even run over by the car!

I know that last dress needs to be ironed but whatever lol.
Once I felt I had it mastered I went to Thrift Town and spent 10 dollars. Nothing was over .75 (not pictured are three tanks I thought I would turn into undies or something but havent done it yet)
And my results so far ( I am not done yet!)

And the dress I turned into a jumper just to see if it would work:
Not bad.. not great but ok.

Note to myself or anyone else who wants to try this try to stick to newborn, 0-3 months or even preemie would work well. The "jumper" I made was from a 6-9m baby dress.

I made all these at night while watching tv, so super easy and super cute.. and even better I am going to have a wardrobe for the dolls for around 20.00. I still have other dresses to alter and turn into things and I really need to figure out how to make shirts

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