Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today I attempted socks for the dolls.

One of the girls asked for some socks for her doll. And I decided to try and make some.
I bought these socks in a 3t for .88 at walmart.
All rolled out. I needed to decide how long I wanted them.
I put pins in knowing I would cut them down the middle of the pins.

Cut down the middle.. notice the jaggedness? Thanks to my toddler trying to help.

I then turned them inside out (should have been my first step) and sewed the line and toe section.
Finished project. One sock made one pair of socks for the doll. Next time I think I will use adult socks. For an experiment I think it turned out ok. I wont use the black ones I bought to do the same thing because I am just not loving the way they came out. I will make some soon with an adult sock and see how much I like those.

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